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What does a massage do to make tense muscles relax?

 After exercise you may find that your muscles are extremely tense and therefore you may experience a lot of cramping in these muscles. A massage is the perfect way to relax these muscles, but just how do massages manage to relax these tense muscles? Read more to find out how. As pressure is put onto the muscle, circulation increases in the muscle as well as the friction on the surface of the muscle. This raises the temperature inside the muscle fibres which causes more blood to move around inside. This will then dilute the lactic acid concentration in the muscle. Lactic acid is produced during exercise and the build-up can increase if a cool-down is not done after this exercise, this is the main factor that causes soreness and cramping in the muscles as a result of tension. As this is flushed out, the muscles begin to relax and the feeling of tension quickly decreases. This is why you will see athletes performing a warm-up before they take part in physical activity as it warms up the muscle through friction, the mobility of the muscle then increases. 

Another method that will stop muscle cramping and soreness is slow flexion or extension of the muscle as this keeps the muscle active, therefore increasing blood flow and warmth in the muscle. If this pain/soreness lasts for a sustained period of time, there may be an injury to the muscle and in this case, deeper pressure applied to the muscle can help. If this doesn’t help or if it even makes it worse, then you should visit a doctor or a physiotherapists to give you an official diagnosis and they will also give you some advice as to what you should do. Physiotherapists will tend to get much deeper into the muscle which can cause serious short-term pain but help you out in the long-term. If these tips haven’t helped your muscle problems, then you should arrange to see a doctor immediately.

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